Meet Your Photographer, Janet Sena.

Sometimes it takes you a little longer to figure out what you want to be when you grow up...Or let's just say, somehow I always knew and a little voice was always telling me that I needed to be doing something creative, but I was afraid to listen.  Years later, Masters degree in Counseling psychology later, and I am a professional photographer.  It was definitely not an overnight decision (more like many years) but life has never felt more right.

I am a wife and mother to 3 beautiful girls, who challenge me everyday to be a better person.  I am blessed enough to have a husband who if I said tomorrow that I wanted to be an astronaut, he would start looking for astronaut school for me.  He believes more in me than I ever will believe in myself and for that he is truly my hero.  

I am a lover of light, people, open spaces, run down properties.  I often will be driving along on my merry way, and instantly have to pull over to check out an old dirt road, or an abandoned barn.  I love capturing emotions and raw moments, and intangible things like kindness, love, tenderness, endearment, and warmth.  I tear up during father-daughter dances, I hug my clients, I find beauty in most ordinary things, I have a million ideas going on in my head on any given day and I love when they come to fruition.

I absolutely love sharing this gift with my clients and creating memories for them that will always tug at their hearts.